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New Feature: We’re Making Your Paycheck Smarter

If paychecks were smart, they would arrive when you needed them, not at a fixed date set by your employer. If paychecks were smart, they would monitor your spending and protect you from fees. If paychecks were smart, they would do all of this automatically.

We’ve got great news.

Today, we’re launching Balance Shield, a new feature that will make your paycheck smart. When you turn on Balance Shield, the Activehours app will make sure your paycheck has got you covered by automatically Cashing Out up to $100 whenever your bank balance falls below $100. That means no more worrying about overdraft fees from small purchases.

Wanna try it out?

1. Log in

2. Click shield icon

3. Follow steps to opt-in

Balance Shield works best when it can move money to you quickly. So, we suggest setting up Lightning Speed, if you haven’t already. Additionally, Balance Shield can send money to your account only if you have uploaded earnings, you haven’t reached your daily or pay cycle max, and your account is active. If for any reason Balance Shield is not able to send you money, we’ll let you know!

We were able to create this new feature thanks to our supportive community. When you pay what’s fair in the app, you’re helping us create new ways to make money work better for everyone. Thanks a million!


9 thoughts on “New Feature: We’re Making Your Paycheck Smarter

  1. I’ve been trying to utilize Activehours for a few months now. But, Activehours claims they didn’t draft money from my account when they did to cover a previous advance. I wish they’d clear my account and let me utilize the service again since they did infact pull the money from my account

    1. Hey Jacob, what is your email so we can look into your account for you.

  2. I have been trying to use Activehours for 2 weeks now but have been hearing that there has been a banking error . I have tried every task they have asked and still no progress so that I can cashout. What use is it to try and sign up for something that is clearly not working.

    1. Hey Mary, please send us your email so we can help look into this for you.

  3. My time sheet is only on line how can I submit one if I can not screen shot it

    1. Employees usually view their timesheet on a computer or punch-clock and take a photo of the screen. To upload a photo, log into the Activehours app and tap “Add Timesheet”.

      Make sure the photo includes:
      1. Your name
      2. Dates for current pay period
      3. Daily hours worked (daily total or clock in/out times)

      Keep in mind, we are unable to process images of printouts or Word/Excel/PDF docs.

  4. same here active hours keeps sking me to connect to my bank but wont let me use the app itself to get my money and theyve already take the cash out of my account as well. my email is

    1. Hey William,

      Looks like one of our reps was able to respond to your open ticket! Let us know if you need help with anything else.

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