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Get Your Paycheck in Seconds with Lightning Speed

At Activehours, we want to make money work in a way that’s better for everyone. Changing the world takes time, but now, getting your money doesn’t have to. That’s because we’ve partnered with even more banks to give more members of our community their paychecks with Lightning Speed.Lightning Speed #2

Watch our Lightning Speed FAQ Youtube Video!

With Lightning Speed, when you Cash Out, your money will be in your account in seconds, instead of days – even on the weekends. Now that’s a game changer. Wanna see if your bank is now eligible?

  1. Log in to the Activehours app.
  2. Click Settings: Lightning Speed
  3. Add the debit card of the bank account that receives your paycheck.

It should take about a day to verify your card. If you already had a bank card uploaded but your Cash Outs aren’t going out with Lightning Speed, delete your card and add it again.

Still not eligible? Help us change that by tweeting at your bank:

Hey @(add your bank’s twitter handle here) I really wish you would work with @activehours Lightning Speed. #itspayday #getpaidatlightningspeed

71 thoughts on “Get Your Paycheck in Seconds with Lightning Speed

  1. I would like to give this a try.

    1. Great news! Let us know if you need help getting anything set up.

      1. I need help setting up my account please help

        1. Please send us your email so we can help look into your account for you.

  2. We run a prepaid card program for rural Alaska called Quyana Card. Is it possible to be added as one of your “eligible” banks?

    1. Hey! What is your email address? We would love to talk to you about options.

      1. I been trying for over a month to set up active hours please email me

        1. Hi Cynthia. Thanks so much for being so patient! One of our CS agents has just sent you an email with more info regarding your account. Thanks!

  3. I tried to set this program up and my account has been in a “please wait, we’re trying to get you set up” status for several days now. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hey Jordan, what is your email so we can help look into your account for you?

      1. Hey Katherine, I’m having the same problem Jordan is. My name is Doug and my email is Thank you

        1. Hi Doug! Our system is showing your account is now fully active, and you were able to cash out. Please let us know if we can assist you with anything else. 🙂

  4. I need to know a lot more about you before I’d hand over my banking information to you

    1. We created Activehours because we want money to work better for people. Loans charge interest and fees that definitely don’t have people in mind. That’s why Activehours is community supported. No fees. No interest. We just ask people to pay what’s fair. We need to confirm that our system will work with your bank account. We always deposit more funds than we withdraw to confirm we can deposit funds when the proper time comes. We also have bank level security, touch ID, and password protection. Additionally, your bank info is not at all viewable in the app. Hope this helps!

  5. do you guys contract with METABANK ? (NETSEND)

    1. Unfortunately, we do not support Metabank or any pre paid cards.

  6. I wish Bank of America could utilize the Lightning speed program. I tweeted them, but nothing. **Sigh**

    1. Hey Michael, Bank of America does work with lightning speed 🙂

      1. If Bank of America works. Than why do I not have lighting speed yet. I have been in the process for maybe 4 days now and no lighting speed yet.

        1. Did you send a ticket to our support team? What is your email and I can help look into this for you.

  7. Does lightning pay work with navy federal or delta community cu.

    1. Yes, it is highly likely they work with Lightning Speed. The best way to find out is by scanning your card.

      1. So why can’t i get the money in my account it say i have $78 available but it’s not in my bank account

        1. Hi Brian! We can certainly help you, please send us a message though the support chat in the app!

  8. I really don’t get the purpose of this if you have direct deposit you get paid at 12am on payday usually iv never had to wait for a paycheck.

    1. Hey Adam, we created Activehours because we want money to work better for people. Loans charge interest and fees that definitely don’t have people in mind. That’s why Activehours is community supported. No fees. No interest. We just ask people to pay what’s fair. We debit back the amount you’ve used once you get your paycheck on payday. As you request funds you are able to receive them instantly if you sign up for lightning speed. We allow people to access their money as they earn it instead of waiting for payday.

  9. Something is wrong with my account and not sure why. I can’t get a response from support team via email at all. Why can’t I find a phone number for active hours anywhere?

    1. Hey Rhonda, sorry about this. What is your email so we can help look into your account?

  10. I’m getting emails and notifications that I can cash out but the app says my account is on hold. A supervisor was supposed to reach out but they haven’t. I’m truly super sad, I had to drop 2 classes because I couldn’t get my books.

    1. Hey Jacci, we are very sorry to hear that! What is your email so we can help look into your account ASAP!

  11. Wow. A few days ago I setup an accout with ActiveHours and I registered for Lightning Speed. I just completed my first Cash Out and I received the deposit immediately. Your company and this service is remarkable. I honestly didn’t know how I was going to feed my kids until my next payday. Thanks to you all I’m able to feed my family today! From the bottom of my heart thanks!!

    1. Hey Frank, that is great news! We are so glad we can help out! If you are interested in being featured as one of our customer spotlights please reach out to Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

  12. How much is the monthly fee for lightning speed

    1. Hey Rodney! There are no monthly fees to use Lightning Speed. Just pay what you think is fair when you Cash Out, same as always. 🙂

  13. Hi just wondering if US Bank works with lightening speed?

    1. Hey,
      We cant confirm that, the best way is to scan the debit card, but we work with a lot of debit cards.

  14. Pretty upset
    I attempted to use lightening speed for the first time and it worked but now it says the card can’t be used???? Got me excited now I have no way of getting the cash until next week.

    1. Hey,

      One of our CS agents responded to you on Zendesk 🙂

  15. I once had lighting speed but I had my card replaced now the it’s saying the new one can’t.,! I bank with Chase., it’s not fair what happened.,???

    1. Hey, please submit a ticket to our support team via the app. Also, please send us your email 🙂

  16. I what setup for lightning speed deposits and something happened to my account I’m hoping we can get this fixed I would like to know ASAP if it was cuz I did try to withdraw it today and it has not showed up

    1. Hey, please submit a ticket to our support team via the app. Also, please send us your email

    2. Hi Willie,

      We are receiving an error when attempting to send your requests via Lightning Speed, please ensure the debit card on file is your current and active card.

  17. Are you going to support Fidelity, USAA or PayPal Debit Mastercard?

    1. Hey there! USAA is one of our supported financial institutions. You should be able to find the complete list on the bank page during signup!

  18. No lightning speed for Wells Fargo?
    …….. i dont tweet

    1. Hi Quo,

      You should be able to link a Wells Fargo card with Lightning Speed, please reach out through the support chat in app if you are still having trouble linking your debit card.

  19. Is HSBC compatible with lighting speed

    1. Hi Angela! We just sent you an email with more information about Lightning Speed. 🙂

  20. Hi i activated lightning speed on my account and after thw card verification it says in app setting that your card is verified. However i still cant cash out at lightning speed, its always trying to go at warp speed. If it helps my email is

    Please advise asap as i need money

    1. Hi Saem. It looks like your cash out request today went through via Lightning Speed. You should see those funds post to your bank account sometime today. Thanks! 🙂

  21. My cash out says it was posted to my account but nothing is there

    1. Hi Catalina. Our system is showing that we’ve sent the funds to your bank account to post today, 11/2. Once we send those funds to your bank, your bank will decide when to make the funds available to you. It may take your bank a little time to fully complete this process. However, if you still don’t see the earnings in your account by the end of the day, please let us know. Thanks!

  22. I have been working all week why is my pay not showing up for me to cash out

  23. I have been set up with Activehours for a few weeks now. Yesterday I sent my first time sheet and now magically it days I need to reverify my bank account but oh wait guess what? Unable to connect to bank! Seriously not one single problem until I was ready to cash out. Do you guys not like having customers? I’m pretty sure that’s what this app with no website to subsidize was for but I guess not. Please look into this because I’m gonna guess that the lightning speed I had set up won’t work now either. Which would just be fantastic! Hear the sarcasm in my typed words? My email is

    1. Hey Tim! We’re very sorry for all the trouble you’ve been having recently. We see that our support team has reached out to you with more information regarding your account. Please feel free to send us an email if you have any further concerns or questions. Thanks!

  24. I tweeted at my bank, Fidelity and I still have not answer regarding wether or not they work with Activehours lightning speed. What can I do ?

    1. Hey Mike! Unfortunately, at this time, Fidelity isn’t compatible with Lightning Speed. Lightning Speed should allow funds to be posted to your bank account within minutes. However, Fidelity delays the funds we send by a few days. :/

  25. I’ve been waiting 3 full business days and i am still showing that my account is being setup.

    1. Hi Jared! Thanks for your patience. A member of our support team was able to get your account up and running. Please reach out if there’s anything else we can assist you with. Thanks! 🙂

  26. […] the past two years, we’ve given your money superpowers like Lightning Speed and Balance Shield. Now, through our partnership with the Shop Your Way® program, we’re giving […]

  27. Hi, am I able to cash out with Lightning Speed if I am using a Simple Account Debit Card?

    1. Hey Mike! Unfortunately, for Lightning Speed, we would need to have the debit card that’s associated with the bank account you have linked to the app.

  28. I signed up for lighting speed almost a week ago and its still saying that my card is being verified. I even removed my card information and reentered it and its still saying my card needs to be verified. HELP!!!

    1. Hi Crystal, I am sorry to hear that you are having an issue with your account. Can you email to get assistance? Thank you!

  29. I got two emails saying I could cash out but on the app I’m unable to cash out its not givin me that option it’s still saying it’s waiting on my bank to send updated information

    1. Hi Tandra, I am sorry to hear you are having an issue with your account. Can you email to get assistance? Thank you!

  30. I need to get my money by thanksgiving and I am struggling with verifying my bank I reputation the information in 3 times….I’m getting frustrated cause I need to shop for Christmas I have a lot of kids to shop for and I need the black friday deals….I also did my lightning speed and nothing has came back…. my email is

    1. Hi Danielle, I am sorry to hear that you are having an issue using our app. Please email to get help on your account!

  31. Trying to cash out with lightning speed with my linked bank account card and ive had my bank debit card on there for a few days now and its still saying your card is being verified!

    1. Hi Aaron, we would love to help you on your account. Can you email us at to get assistance?

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