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Activehours Funds My Hobbies

JD Kite flying

My name is Jonathan. In my free time, I like to enjoy time with my family, and I am an avid kite flyer. Activehours actually helped me to improve my kite game by helping me to buy a 75 foot tail for my kite. I got the kite last year, so, I wanted the tail this year. Once I got it, I showed everybody what I got. I spent two hours flying it. I was trying to teach my kids and one of my little cousins, too. It was his first time ever touching a kite. I’m happy, and the service itself is great. I really enjoy it.

JD family picWant more?                                                                     Check out Jonathan’s story on Youtube.

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4 thoughts on “Activehours Funds My Hobbies

  1. How long does it to update hours

    1. Hey Rosalena, usually 24 hours. What is your email so I can help look into your account for you?

  2. Is there anyway I can get a hold of anyone from your company in less than five days? You added eight cents to my account my checking account I filled out an active hours account but decided not to use it. I’m looking at it now and it says something about 325 into my checking account I’ve never had $325 put into my check

    1. Hey! We send a very small credit and debit to your account so that we can make sure the bank connection works. That way, we know you can receive payment from us. I just reached out to our support team for you. They will be in touch!

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