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Guide to Getting a Higher Activehours Max

Guide to getting a higher MaxAt Activehours, Maxes help to ensure that we have enough money to keep giving, and that people in our community will still have money come payday.

Everyone can request up to $100 per day, until they hit their pay period Max. Additionally, everyone starts with a pay period Max of $100. Over time, you may see temporary increases up to a $500 pay period Max, depending on a following factors:

Money Management: Show us you’re financially healthy.

  • Keep your bank balance positive and avoid overdraft fees.
    Sign up for Balance Shield to help with this one!
  • Spend less money than you make

Activehours Use: Support Activehours to keep the service going.

  • Pay what you think is fair for the service. We’re based off tips and every dollar counts!
  • Make sure we can always debit your account on payday for the Cash Outs you made.

Your Bank: Keep your bank info current.

  • Make sure Activehours is connected to your main checking account where you receive paycheck deposits.
  • Some banks send us updates faster than others. Simple, Chase, and BBVA banks send us transaction updates more quickly – plus they offer Lightning Speed! If your bank is slow, it may be time to upgrade.

If you’re doing well in each of these categories, just keep using the app. You’re likely to see a Max increase soon. We evaluate maxes around each pay cycle, so you may see an increase as soon as your next pay day.

Check out our Youtube Channel for answers to more of your Activehours FAQs.


9 thoughts on “Guide to Getting a Higher Activehours Max

  1. does it work with Uber? any fees?

    1. Hey Allan, we do work with Uber. There are no fees & no interest. We want money to work better for everyone so we ask our users to pay us what they think is fair. Let us know if you have anymore questions or concerns.

  2. Do yall work with walmart

    1. Yes 🙂 We work direct with the employee and not the employer.

  3. Hello,
    I’m having a problem. I set up my account weeks ago and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but my account is not updating so I can use it. I’ve been sending emails with no replies. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. How can I get help with my account?

    1. We are sorry about the delay! What is your email so we can help look into your account for you?

  4. You guys rule!! Screw those payday loan sharks charging you, 489% APR just to use your own money earlier. I hope this puts them all out of business. Society needs this but it doesn’t need it run by a bunch of greedy, immoral, sharks like it has been. You guys are the polar opposite of that and I’ll gladly throw u 5 or 10 bucks for this awesome service u provide. Thank you so much!

  5. i just want it to be known that Ive had the worst customer service experience i have ever had with you guys the past dew weeks. Ive been with you for 2 years and your service was reliable, but for 3 weeks now i keep asking for help and nobody responds to my emails. So here i am for the 3rd week now unable to use your service and nonody willing to help or explain to me whats wrong.

    1. Hey Joseph,

      Looks like one of our reps was able to respond to your open ticket, once we have any new information about your issue we will be reaching out!

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