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Activehours Customer Spotlight

Velvet with FamilyVelvet with quoteA friend told me about this app. I thought it was a scam at first, too good to be true. But this app has been a tremendous help for me. 

I’m a single mom, and Activehours has come through in the clutch in so many ways. When bills are due, I can pay them instead of being cut off. I’m able to buy gas when I’m almost on empty. These days, when unexpected things happen, I’m prepared.

One time, I needed to go to urgent care and didn’t have the money for my copay. I used Activehours to help me pay for the fee. Since getting Activehours, I’m way more confident knowing that everything will be ok.     -Velvet H.

4 thoughts on “Activehours Customer Spotlight

  1. Active hours sounds almost too good to be real… Does it work with V.A. pensions as well??? If so you guys are awesome!!! If not you are still the future of pay, in my opinion!!!

    1. Hey Turner,

      Thanks for the support!

      We do not work with pensions but we are the future of Pay 🙂

  2. I have been using Active Hours for months now! I love it! I use it for gas and food in between checks. I work two jobs, but I never see my money because things always come up and if you had a bad spending past like I did, you would understand that I was not responsible. I have not been in the negative since forever because of Active Pay!! I am able to take care of little emergencies that might come up…a busted tire, school money for the kids ( life saver), and I am able to treat myself for the hard work every now and then ( $5 sushi Wednesdays). I really appreciate this app! I appreciate the thought you all put in this! Thanks so much Active Pay! 🙂

  3. the first use was smooth but now it wont take my timesheet. response was superfast but now that its time to debit my money it wont accept my time card. i begining to think its a scam

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