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Customer Support is Getting Better Every Day

Thanks to all the feedback from our community, we’ve been working day and night to improve our customer support. That means fewer bugs, more answers in app, and faster response times when you need us. Here’s a recap of some of the biggest changes we’ve made to help customer support run more smoothly:

  1. We’ve doubled the number of articles in our FAQs. That means, when you have a simple question, you don’t need to wait on us to answer it!
  2. We added a place for you to give us feedback on our articles. If you don’t think FAQ voting in appour answer to a question is helpful enough, we want to know. So, now, every FAQ (for newer versions of the app) includes either a question “Did this article help?” or a thumbs up/ thumbs down for you to vote. We monitor your responses and update the articles regularly.
  3. We’ve rearranged our FAQs and made them more easily searchable. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Try shorter keywords instead of full sentences. The more you use search, the better we can make it work for you.
  4. Maxes. Whether you love them or hate them, everyone has questions. That’s why we’ve added more info to the app and our FAQs to help you understand more about Maxes. You can check it out by tapping on the “Max Info” button on the first screen in the app or by scoping out our new FAQ.
  5. Of course, the best way to reduce customer support questions is to fix the problem causing the issues. Many of the problems people have are with bank connections. It’s not an easy fix but it’s one our engineers have been working for months to solve for you. With that, the app is getting easier to use and more reliable every day.
  6. Our support team is growing! We know that sometimes, you just need to chat with someone. So, we’ve added ten new team members and we’ve got even more coming on board soon. As we grow, we’ll continue to grow our team to keep up with your questions.

Activehours Team

We’ll never stop improving Activehours for you, and we love to hear your feedback. Got suggestions for us? Share them in the comments below.

35 thoughts on “Customer Support is Getting Better Every Day

  1. Have you figured out a way for people on salary? Hopefully that is still on your horizon because I would love to use your company.

    1. Hey, We’ve been working to improve the app so we’re rolling out a feature where you can add earnings to your account without uploading a timesheet. We’ll credit hours to your account based on when the app tells us you’ve been at work. To take advantage of this feature, just opt-in when the app requests gps and other permissions. This helps us develop new features.

      1. Love this idea I’m not always close to my computer to take a snapshot of my time card.

  2. I have sent 2 emails. And no response. My account has been verifying for the past 2 weeks. :/

    1. Hey Paolo, sorry for the delay! What is your email so we can help look into your account?

        Thank u!!
        Would like to start using your services again right away!

        1. That is great news!

          1. Still waiting for email…

  3. Your app is really helpful in a pinch and I’m thankful for it. Glad to see you guys are listening. much as I’ve complained… I want to say thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!

        1. Hey Juan,

          Feel free to send us a direct message or e-mail and we can certainly help you with your issue.

  4. I need help – keep having same issue. Where system doesn’t recognize name On time card then I get support and explain it is on bottom in yellow highlights then person approves – my time card is rejected currently – can we fix the issue somehow?

    1. Hey Robin, sorry about that! Please send us your email so we can look into your account ASAP!

      1. I was taken care of – thank you!! I appreciate your responsiveness!!

    2. We sent this to our CS team as high priority.

  5. Love you guys! This is the best app ever. Glad you guys also don’t try to take advantage of your customers. You guys only loan out the amount you know a person can afford to pay bk!!

    1. Thank you for the kind works Crystal! Let us know if you need help with anything.

  6. I have been using Active Hours for about 2yrs with no issues at all. It has always worked well for me and saves me a ton of money compared to payday advances. I recommend it to everyone.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Wendy!

  7. I have a bank account and all that good stuff but not really a time sheet what type of timesheets are acceptable

    1. Hey Devonne,

      You can find information on Timesheets and submitting them here!

  8. Ive been waiting for my account to be set up is been 5 days already
    My email is

    1. Hey there! Looks like you need to finish setting up your account. Feel free to log into the app and pick up where you left off.

  9. Account have been verifying for a week all info is correct. No email response

  10. I can’t even start oh where the issues begin and end on this but I would really like to use it I have been sending emails no response from anyone if you could please help me thank you

    1. Hi Michael,

      One of our customer service representatives has reached out to your via your support ticket on the app!

  11. Question. Does your system/application allow users with pre-paid debit cards with a real life bank?

    1. Hi Teressa,

      Unfortunately our system is not capable of syncing with prepaid cards/banks. You would need a direct deposit directly into a checking account with one of our support financial institutions.

  12. Hi, I’ve been waiting for an answer to my ticket. No response from customer service. No respond to tweet.

    1. Hi Kara! Looks like one of our representatives reached out to you via your support ticket on the app!

  13. Have loved your app until a few days ago when it stopped working for me. It continues to tell me it can’t access my online banking info and that I need to sign in the my online banking to receive any alerts or messages and then try again. I’ve logged into my banking repeatedly with no issues and the problem logging into active hours persists. I can’t change or re enter my banking information because I can’t log into active hours without entering my banking info. I’ve gone back and forth with your team and they have yet to tell me anything helpful. When I called my banking institution they said the problem is on your end and there’s nothing I need to update on my online banking. I use your app when I urgently need funds so the fact that it continues to not work and I can’t get a response for days on end is very disheartening. Please help!!!

  14. Are there fees linked to what you borrow??? I’m very interested in th app

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