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Activehours Now has Same Day Deposit

Activehours let’s you Cash Out your paycheck fast. Same day activations are for peoples whose banks don’t work with lightning speed. Now if you request money before a certain time you can get it today or tomorrow depending on your bank. In addition, the time when your money will post to your account depends on what time and day you Cash Out.

Check out this chart to see the different times you can request funds

You now can receive your money faster with same day cash outs!


If you want it faster and are eligible for Lightning Speed, the money will post to your account within minutes of Cash Out, even on weekends and holidays.

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How to Access Your Paycheck Without Asking Friends or Family for Money


Aji“As a disabled veteran of the United States Army, my ability to work long hours is nearly impossible. I ran into financial trouble one day when I came home from work, and my home had been burglarized. Almost everything had been destroyed or stolen including the meat from my freezer! So, in comes insurance and Activehours! While waiting from the insurance company, I was able to borrow a few bucks for food and gas. My friends pitched in and helped the entire time, too, but thanks to Activehours I didn’t have to borrow money or food from anyone. Thanks to Activehours, I was able to keep my dignity intact.”

-Aji S.

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Earn More With Every Cash Out

In the past two years, we’ve given your money superpowers like Lightning Speed and Balance Shield. Now, through our partnership with the Shop Your Way® program, we’re giving you Pay Booster, a feature that lets your paycheck earn you even more.

Starting November 14th, with Pay Booster, you can earn Shop Your Way points every time you Cash Out with Activehours. That means, getting your paycheck when you want will earn you points to shop in stores or online at Sears, Kmart, Lands’ End, and at

Follow these steps to start earning points:

  1. Create a Shop Your Way account
  2. Log in to Activehours and select Pay Booster
  3. Connect your Shop Your Way account
  4. Cash Out!

To find out all the places you can earn and redeem points, check out the Shop Your Way program FAQ.

Together with you and our partners, we can make money work better for everyone. 

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Activehours Spotlight


Back when I first started using the app, I was basically living paycheck to paycheck. My employer at the time had offered me a better position in the company; however, it involved a lot of travel. Of course, I would be reimbursed for the travel expenses, but unfortunately the travel needed to occur before that first paycheck actually hit the bank. If it hadn’t been for me being able to cash out my paycheck as I was putting in the hours, I would have had to let that position go or been late on my bills – the main one of which was my car payment, which was was my mode of travel. I was literally stuck. Not only did Activehours save my bills and keep them totally on time, but it also allowed me to actually be able to advance independently in my company.

-Heather P.

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Customer Support is Getting Better Every Day

Thanks to all the feedback from our community, we’ve been working day and night to improve our customer support. That means fewer bugs, more answers in app, and faster response times when you need us. Here’s a recap of some of the biggest changes we’ve made to help customer support run more smoothly:

  1. We’ve doubled the number of articles in our FAQs. That means, when you have a simple question, you don’t need to wait on us to answer it!
  2. We added a place for you to give us feedback on our articles. If you don’t think FAQ voting in appour answer to a question is helpful enough, we want to know. So, now, every FAQ (for newer versions of the app) includes either a question “Did this article help?” or a thumbs up/ thumbs down for you to vote. We monitor your responses and update the articles regularly.
  3. We’ve rearranged our FAQs and made them more easily searchable. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Try shorter keywords instead of full sentences. The more you use search, the better we can make it work for you.
  4. Maxes. Whether you love them or hate them, everyone has questions. That’s why we’ve added more info to the app and our FAQs to help you understand more about Maxes. You can check it out by tapping on the “Max Info” button on the first screen in the app or by scoping out our new FAQ.
  5. Of course, the best way to reduce customer support questions is to fix the problem causing the issues. Many of the problems people have are with bank connections. It’s not an easy fix but it’s one our engineers have been working for months to solve for you. With that, the app is getting easier to use and more reliable every day.
  6. Our support team is growing! We know that sometimes, you just need to chat with someone. So, we’ve added ten new team members and we’ve got even more coming on board soon. As we grow, we’ll continue to grow our team to keep up with your questions.

Activehours Team

We’ll never stop improving Activehours for you, and we love to hear your feedback. Got suggestions for us? Share them in the comments below.

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Activehours Funds My Hobbies

JD Kite flying

My name is Jonathan. In my free time, I like to enjoy time with my family, and I am an avid kite flyer. Activehours actually helped me to improve my kite game by helping me to buy a 75 foot tail for my kite. I got the kite last year, so, I wanted the tail this year. Once I got it, I showed everybody what I got. I spent two hours flying it. I was trying to teach my kids and one of my little cousins, too. It was his first time ever touching a kite. I’m happy, and the service itself is great. I really enjoy it.

JD family picWant more?                                                                     Check out Jonathan’s story on Youtube.

Got a story about how you use Activehours? Send it to us at

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Guide to Getting a Higher Activehours Max

Guide to getting a higher MaxAt Activehours, Maxes help to ensure that we have enough money to keep giving, and that people in our community will still have money come payday.

Everyone can request up to $100 per day, until they hit their pay period Max. Additionally, everyone starts with a pay period Max of $100. Over time, you may see temporary increases up to a $500 pay period Max, depending on a following factors:

Money Management: Show us you’re financially healthy.

  • Keep your bank balance positive and avoid overdraft fees.
    Sign up for Balance Shield to help with this one!
  • Spend less money than you make

Activehours Use: Support Activehours to keep the service going.

  • Pay what you think is fair for the service. We’re based off tips and every dollar counts!
  • Make sure we can always debit your account on payday for the Cash Outs you made.

Your Bank: Keep your bank info current.

  • Make sure Activehours is connected to your main checking account where you receive paycheck deposits.
  • Some banks send us updates faster than others. Simple, Chase, and BBVA banks send us transaction updates more quickly – plus they offer Lightning Speed! If your bank is slow, it may be time to upgrade.

If you’re doing well in each of these categories, just keep using the app. You’re likely to see a Max increase soon. We evaluate maxes around each pay cycle, so you may see an increase as soon as your next pay day.

Check out our Youtube Channel for answers to more of your Activehours FAQs.


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How Does Activehours Make Money?

How does Activehours make money?We’ve heard it over and over again, “It’s too good to be true. This has to be a scam. Otherwise, how does Activehours make money?”

At Activehours, we believe money should work better for everyone. When it comes to making a profit, that means flipping the traditional model on it’s head. Instead of charging fees or interest, we ask our community to help support us by paying what they think is fair when they use the app.

A long time ago, everyone accepted that companies should have the power to set prices. We believe that’s bonk. When the customer has the opportunity to set the price, they are given the power to support products that help them the most. By giving us a tip, our customers are helping to ensure that we’ll be around the next time they need us. This creates a much more healthy relationship.

Knowing that our community is relying on us and that we’re relying on our community, creates a balance that drives us to continue to innovate on new products and create solutions for the people who support us. So often, companies exploit the privilege of setting prices in order to get rich at the expense of the people they ought to have been serving. This is especially true in financial services. Banks, for example, are costing people $30 billion in overdraft fees every year.

That kind of business model is creating huge divides and a future we want no part of. Instead, we’re creating a world more like the one we want to live in; One where people do good for the sake each other and businesses create products that help people.

So, Activehours makes money through the support of our community members who inspires us every day. If you like what we’re doing, join the community and help support the payday revolution.

You worked today, get paid today! Sign up for Activehours.

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What Financial Health Means to Me

Financial health #2

Maintaining a good credit score is an important part of financial health. It is frightening, then, to realize that 14% of Americans do not know their credit score or didn’t know they had a credit score (Source: Consumers & Credit Scores: Understanding Consumer Confusion to Target Solution.)

Unfortunately, many people learn about the importance of their credit score at the precise moment when they need it for a large purchase. This was the case for Michael, a 22 year old Activehours user and Apple Store employee in Dallas, TX.

When he first got out of high school, Michael got a credit card to build his credit. He felt good about his finances and continued to grow his credit through college. However, he never monitored his credit score.

During this time, his parents were going through a separation. As their marital trouble translated to financial trouble, his mother was pushed to take out a loan in her husband’s name. Her husband agreed to handle the payment. Unfortunately, since Michael shares a name with his father, his mother accidentally used Michael’s social security number for the $5000 loan.

Michael’s father monitored his own credit regularly. Since he never saw a loan come up on his report, he didn’t make any payments. In the meantime, since Michael wasn’t monitoring his credit score, he had no idea that it was being ravaged by this accidental loan.

It wasn’t until he went to buy a car that Michael realized what had happened. By this time, his score, which he had just begun to grow in the past couple years, had dropped 200 credit points. It took a year and a half to rebuild his credit. Now, Michael vigilantly checks his credit score once a week and his credit report every three months.

Even though his credit slip-up was caused by a miscommunication between his parents, Michael still ultimately had to pay the price for it. Financial health means being proactive about monitoring, not only your spending, but also your credit. With that in mind, here are 6 Tips to Better Financial Health and Higher Credit:

  1. Make a budget by tracking everything you spend.
  2. If you move, check the mail at previous addresses and update your info with every account you have. Or switch to paperless billing so you don’t miss anything.
  3. Don’t buy something until you can afford it with cash. 
  4. Check your credit score regularly: Credit Sesame shows your credit score and report for free.
  5. Set tangible goals for the future and work towards them using a budgeting app like Mint.
  6. Use an app like Activehours to pay for credit card bills on time and to make sure your budget has wiggle room for unexpected expenses before payday.

Taking the time to understand your credit score and monitoring it regularly are key to having good financial health. With these tips and tools, keeping a pulse on your credit can be easy.